The History

Joe Abood, a Syrian backpeddlar started our store in 1917.  He started with a dream that eventually turned into D&D Meats in 1981.

Adrien Dutil had a dream about owning his own store while working as a meat cutter in 1972.  With his wife Sharon totally believing in him and his dream they purchased Juberts Store in June 1981.  At the time they had three young children Jason 6, Erin 4, and Shane who was 3 .

The first two years it was totally family operated with just Adrien, Sharon and the three kids.  Sharon continued the meat delivery route and Adrien continued as a meat cutter.  Four years later they moved to Sciota where they still reside.

The store continued to prosper, the kids moved onto college and Erin and Jason moved away while Shane stayed locally and worked at Pfizer.  Things were looking great and then…their dreams burst into flames as their store burned down in September, 2010.

The rebuild began and although it took 9 months they were open in time for their stores’ 30th Anniversary.  Pfizer downsized and Shane made the decision to join his parents in the store business and to expand the Jeezum Crow Smokehouse product-line.

A new processing facility was started in October 2016 and will will offer some USDA specialty products for wholesale.  A dollar and a dream started in Sciota and continues today.