Our Story

D&D Meats are the creators of Jeezum Crow Smokehouse Jerky, as well as our Fine Smoked Meats and Cheeses

We are a family owned business for over 35 years.

We make about 100 flavors/products in-House, Smoked cheeses, jerky, snack sticks, hotdogs, kielbasa, summer sausages, sausages, bologna, salami and more.

JC Jerky and D & D Meats is not your typical retail store for sure… .

We are often asked what makes us unique from other places..
The answer is simple. We make everything in-house in our one of a kind country store.

Families love coming to visit and wander around the store looking at all of our wildlife paintings and taxidermy. It’s almost a game now who can find all the animals.

We urge customers to stop in and try a sample or two of our over 100 meat products made in-house.

We also have samples of our Tappin N Sappin Sugarworks maple products such as raspberry and cinnamon maple creams, mustard and BBQ sauces.

If you come during maple sugaring season you can see how the sap is collected right at the store and then take a short ride to the sugarhouse to see the complete process after the sap is collected. ..

Since customers should know their meats are being processed in a clean facility we take customers through the processing steps and talk about how things are made as well.

We are open 365 days a year and we are always opening up samples for customers to try before they buy. So stop on in at the store and see what makes us unique for yourself